[GEEKY] Ajax? Flash? Java? What's the best way to create a rich browser based application?

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This is a perenial debate with lots of sides. Here' s just some fodder for those of you who are pondering the question:

I guess right off the bat I would exclude Java for a browser based application. Why? Unfortunately it requires a so-called JVM which may or may not be present.

AJAX on the other hand requires a 'modern' web browser, which I think in this day and age (FireFox) is a pretty safe bet.

And Flash requires the Flash runtime, which again, in this day and age, is also a pretty safe bet.

Exhibit #1: Check out Zimbra, which, if you believe the web site is built with AJAX. Very impressive. All I was able to see was the Flash demo (ironic isn't it?) but it's quite nice.

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Posted on September 30, 2005 and filed under Technology.