Really good article about the music business

Robin Good points to: "The Myth of The Rock Star and of the Need To Sing-up For a Major Recording Label":

"Music" does not equal "compact disc". Music is data. It doesn't matter whether you burn it to a CD or rip it to an iPod or a Memory Stick or store it on your hard drive. It's still music.

Take a minute to internalize this concept.

Once you get past the notion that music has to come in the form of a shiny little Frisbee that retails for $16.99 at your local MegaSuperMusicPavilion, certain other truths that once seemed self-evident begin to unravel -- such as the idea that the only way to become a successful musician is by signing a recording contract with a giant corporation." (from "Burn Down the House")

Read the whole thing. It's enlightening.

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Posted on September 8, 2005 and filed under Life.