Did Google Pack leave out Java?

A little while ago there was a lot of press about how Google and Sun were forming a partnership.

In Sun's blurb about this they said: "As part of the agreement, Sun now includes the Google Toolbar as an option in downloads of the Java Runtime Environment from Java.com, Sun's showcase and portal for Java technology enthusiasts and developers"

Ok, great. But what would Google do in return? My search through press releases didn't produce anything. The natural quid-pro-quo would be if Google in turn distributed the Java Runtime as part of something...

Well the very natural "something" would be the newly announced "Google Pack", which many people are saying heralds the coming Google OS.

Given all the stuff already in the Google Pack, it's gotta be a pretty big download. But looks as I can I don't see any mention of a Java Runtime as part of it. Pitty. That would have been a great opportunity!

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Posted on January 9, 2006 and filed under Technology.