Tylenol meme

Amusingly, several posts on the wonders of Tylenol. Here's when we really run out of things to write about...

Still, it's an opening for a little tidbit that I've had floating around my head, because, I too, am a Tylenol fan (actually not Tylenol itself but its generic version - Acetaminophen -  available in various pharmacy store brands.)

So, Tylenol fans, did you know that Tylenol overdose is a serious problem, and can actually cause death? It can literally kill you. And it's more common than you would think?

Why? Because so many other over the counter medicines that you take for flu and colds already have a strong shot of Acetaminophen and so people lose track of the daily dose that they are actually taking.

Check it out.

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Posted on January 15, 2006 and filed under Life.