The answer is not a better RSS Aggregator, continued

Yesterday's post drew some interesting comments and emails. Several people wondered what the heck I was talking about. More about that later. First:

A couple of good analogies were raised. Isn't this idea a lot like Digg? Or like Top Ten Sources? For me the Top Ten Sources, which I know reasonably well, is the better analogy. Certainly Digg is hot but the reason it doesn't work for what I am talking about is that it bring you links to content or sites that (random) others have marked as interesting.

A key part of the idea that I am groping for is that the user somehow tells what he or she is interested in.

Example: Alice is interested in:

  • Cars

  • Any article that Tom Friedman writes

  • News about Belgium

  • Classical Music

And with that very minimal bit of guidance this new product or service, if it is ever built, starts delivering articles, pictures, information to alice, Alice. And this info includes sources that she never heard of before nor had any way to locate or read. A little bit like she opens her weekly Time Magazine or Car and Driver every month.

So yeah, Top Ten Sources is a little bit like that isn't it? Maybe. Maybe not.

[Let me stress again, these are literally musings. We are not building this product. But we might.]

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Posted on October 11, 2006 and filed under Life, Technology.