Capitol Reef

Continuing my series about my recent trip through 5 National Parks, here's Capitol Reef. This is a little known National Park in Utah.

Interesting cocktail party tidbit (if what the rangers tell us can be believed): in the "old days" the explorers, trappers, and homesteaders tended to use nautical metaphors for land masses, and when they encountered a geographic feature which blocked their passage, stopped their progress, they would refer to it as a "reef."  So Capitol Reef is a fold in the landscape of the Colorado Plateau which was almost impassable.

Why "Capitol"? Because of the numerous rounded (erosion) white (sandstone) mountains which reminded the explorers of the Capitol in Washington DC. (If the rangers can be believed)

We stayed at the Sky Ridge Bed and Breakfast Inn and it was sensational. If you happen to be going through Torrey Utah, I would highly recommend it!

Posted on October 3, 2006 and filed under Life.