Code Monkey: Funny

Came across Jonathan Coulton, the songwriter who embarked on a ridiculous challenge to write a song each week, for a whole year. Quite a crazy thing, but he pulled it off. 

"Thing a Week is a project I’ve been working on since September 2005 in which I record and post a song a week as a podcast. It’s a way for me to keep the creative juices flowing as freely as possible, and a way for me to push myself to take risks, work quickly and trust in the creative process. It’s also a form of protest - I will keep doing this until someone pays me to do it." (from Thing a Week)

One of my all time favorites, that you gotta check out, Code Monkey...

"Code Monkey get up get coffee

Code Monkey go to job

Code Monkey have boring meeting

With boring manager Rob

Rob say Code Monkey very dilligent

But his output stink

His code not “functional” or “elegant”

What do Code Monkey think?

Code Monkey think maybe manager want to write god damned login page himself

Code Monkey not say it out loud

Code Monkey not crazy, just proud"

Listen and well, depending on your sense of humor, laugh...

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Posted on November 15, 2006 and filed under Life.