Insights on the world of mashups

Adam Green has two very insightful posts about Mashups inspired at Mashup Camp:

All of this is very cool. At least that is what one side of my brain says. The other side is saying "How the hell is the average person going to understand any of this?" I even doubt if the average blogger is going to be able to follow all of this data flying around the Internet. (from "Cognitive dissonance at Mashup Camp")

and also about business models in the new world of Mashups:

"At the end of his pitch we had a standard joke. "Do we pay them or do they pay us?" These conversations were going on in board rooms all over the country" (from "Who pays whom?")

Read them both. Good stuff.

By the way this stuff is somewhat relevant to BlogBridge, even though it's not your conventional mashup, if you think about it BlogBridge, and it's relationship to the BlogBridge Service, and other services such as and Technorati raise very similar questions.

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Posted on February 21, 2006 and filed under Technology.