Some really interesting Reading Lists are generated by algorithm rather than by a person

Amyloo has an interesting post about reading lists. One thing bears expanding on:

"There's a tendency to think of reading lists as topic-oriented and fairly static -- refined and appended to, but keeping most of the same data over time. A slant on reading lists I've thought about are specialized lists that change their composition entirely on a periodic basis, a list in which none of the feeds you see today may be there next week." (from Churning urns of burning funk)

True. And actually there are a lot of very interesting sources for reading lists which are not human experts but still make very interesting reading.

For example, you can get Feedster's Top 100 Blogs as a Reading List.  The result using this hyperlink as a Reading List is a dynamic set of feeds, the Feedster 100, which is automatically changed whenever Feedster resorts their Top100.

Almost more interesting, you can use to compute  a dynamic Reading List which is the result of a search query. So for example, interactively, here is's search result for Chris Pirillo. And here is the same thing as a Reading List. The result of using this hyperlink as a Reading List is a set of feeds corresponding to the result of the search in a whole series of search engines.

Try both examples in BlogBridge to see. Makes your head spin doesn't it? (At least it does mine :)

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Posted on February 5, 2006 and filed under Blogs, Technology.