Office Live: Why am I not surprised?

Have you heard how Microsoft is shipping Windows Live and Office Live and this-live and that-live? I've seen this movie before and I have to say that I am skeptical. A competitor starts getting successful with a line that Microsoft doesn't own and out comes the "me-too-FUD" based on smoke and mirrors.

After all, Office has had ActiveX controls forever, and I would just not be too surprised if Office Live is just a re-assembly of some cool parts that they had lying around with a really great marketing push. Color me skeptical. Or cynical.

Anyway, this bit seems to be more or less consistent with that fear:

"The power of Microsoft's branding is so great that slapping the labels 'Live' and 'Office' on a piecemeal bundle of rehashed services seems to have the whole world agog. The evidence doesn't justify the excitement." (from "Whatever Office Live is, it ain't the Web Office")

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Posted on March 22, 2006 and filed under Life, Technology.