Amazing(ly unpleasant) story about a car

My friend Francois posts a horrifying real-life story about him and his Mercedes Benz. It makes a compelling read, kind of like watching a train wreck is compelling.

"My final analysis? No wonder Mercedes has tumbled to 21st in the most recent JD Power Satisfaction Survey. It is mind boggling (instructive too) to witness and experience how such a prestigious brand has fallen so far so fast. And while I've learned something, believe me that it's been no fun being on the receiving end of this knowledge." (from "Mercedes - a case study on how to squander a great brand")

Could it be that buying Chrysler was not such a good idea after all? Read the whole post!

Oh, and being the consummate marketer, Francois can't resist a plug for his upcoming "Innovative Marketing Conference CMO Summit":

"Oh one more thing: Mr McNabb, if you happen to stumble upon this post, I would like to extend you a complimentary invitation to our upcoming Innovative Marketing Conference's CMO Summit - a $1,500 value. Not only would it be fun to have you there to discuss Mercedes as a case study, but you might actually walk away from the event with some valuable lessons on how to do the right thing for your customers." (from "Mercedes - a case study on how to squander a great brand")

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Posted on March 30, 2006 and filed under Life.