Pandora helps me discover Beth Nielsen Chapman

I've experimented with all  kinds of novel music related services and products.

My favorite is Pandora. This is a a site that helps me discover new music that I like. It's introduced me to several artists that I had never heard of before which are now favorites. In this case I am plugging Beth Nielsen Chapman. A wonderful singer songwriter, I think from Europe, that has the sound I really like. It's quite wonderful to create a Bob Dylan or Joni Mitchell or Bill Evans channel discover new artists.

It's great!

By the way, also of interest are:

  • Last.FM - An application that is supposed to do something similar. In this case it's integrated with iTunes, and just watches what you play. Also quite cool, although so far I haven't discovered any new artists with Last.FM

  • EMusic - This is a majorly large music library (a-la- iTunes store) but with a twist. The music is much much cheaper, and you get it without any DRM. The catalog is spotty but I have found lots of music for my iPod at a fraction of the price. And, here's the clincher: they just gave me 50 songs to download just for trying the service - free of charge!

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Posted on March 4, 2006 and filed under Life, Technology.