Mac OS X Hacked?

This is only a little funny because Mac fans (and I am one of them) can be very smug about OS X security, saying things like: "There has been not a single case of a virus on Mac, ever." Hard to prove or disprove but intuitively it's kind of hard to believe.

So when I saw commentary somewhere earlier today that Mac OS X was hacked in less than 30 minutes I hesitated to post about it, thinking that it was yet another urban legend.

But now ZDNet has picked it up, and with raised eyebrows and a smile (or is it a smirk?) on my face, I share the link to an article I just saw:

"Gaining root access to a Mac is "easy pickings," according to an individual who won an OS X hacking challenge last month by gaining root control of a machine using an unpublished security vulnerability." (from "Mac OS X Hacked in less than 30 minutes")

Can it be true?

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Posted on March 6, 2006 and filed under Technology.