RSS is not a goal...

glenn has been busy today. A series of very intriguing posts, all made today, a Sunday no less. I can remember when glenn insisted on keeping his Sunday's clear of anything non-recreational. You should check out his blog, there's lots of good stuff there.

This one caught my eye - "RSS is not a goal" wherein I encountered this especially meaningful (to me) paragraph:

"And in the meantime, if I were working on any kind of RSS/OPML-related application, I would take a day or two to stop and think about my goals, not in terms of today's syntaxes but in terms of the flow of information between human beings, and between machines as our facilitators. I'd want, and maybe this is just me, to be working on something that not only improves the lives of people using the imperfect tools it has to work with right now, but would improve the lives of people even more efficiently if the world in which it operates were itself improved. Sometimes a broken window demands plywood, but as a tool-maker I dream of making something you won't just throw away after this crisis passes." (from "RSS is not a goal")

Indeed - while I spend (too many of) my waking (and sleeping) hours thinking about how to make BlogBridge better, more useful, more compelling, at the same time I agree that RSS, aggregators, Feeds, Blogs, OPML, and all dat stuf are transitionary. They are definitely doing something that humans find very useful, but the whole thing is too much of a hairball.

There still is work to be done. Lots of it. glenn, want to help?

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Posted on March 5, 2006 and filed under BlogBridge, Technology.