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There are  a few really good newsletters that have not moved over to a blog which I read religiously. One of them is Doc Searls' Suitwatch. Doc writes a fairly long essay approximately monthly. It's always interesting and well written. Here's how his most recent episode, about CES in Las Vegas, begins:

"What could be more ridiculous than a city that wants to be like everywhere else? Venice, Paris, New York, Rome and Monte Carlo are all in Las Vegas, embodied as giant hotels, each as clichéd as a travel brochure. Nearly all the big theme hotels front The Strip, a wide paved line in a desert no less arid than the hundred empty basins between the hundred stony ranges that comprise the rest of Nevada." (From "The Produced Electronics Revolution, Part I")

You should consider subscribing to this. It's always a good read. It just shows that the form (blog or newsletter or whatever) doesn't matter if the content is great!

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Posted on March 8, 2006 and filed under Politics, Technology.