[GEEK] OPML Camp was a lot of fun!

OPML Camp was yesterday and today, so it's over now. We had good attendance and some really good discussions and interesting demos. Here are some highlights:

  • We talked about tools, both brand new, not yet written, and existing

  • These tools do all kinds of interesting OPML related processing

  • Grazr - A really cool web page widget to view and traverse an OPML structure

  • OPMLSearch - Google for OPML files across the web

  • OPML Workstation - A library of OPML files, plus an editor to create and edit them

  • OPML Editor - Another tool for editing and hosting OPML structures, and publishing them

  • iJot - Another tool for editing and hosting OPML, and publishing them

  • Attensa - A web based, attention-oriented feed aggregator

  • Adam Green really cool Techmeme/OPML Mashup (here's the result)

  • We talked about OPML 2.0 and what is new there

  • We talked about the role of namespaces in extending XML and OPML

  • We talked about RSS namespaces that exist. Mike Kowalchick showed a really interesting analysis of the RSS namespaces that appear 'in the wild' (watch his blog for more details)

  • We talked about RDF and tried to figure out it's relationship to OPML

It was a very useful and enjoyable meeting. Sorry you missed it!

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Posted on May 21, 2006 and filed under Technology.