Top Ten Lies

Guy Kawasaki with another one of his great posts. He's always fun to read. And boy, do they ring true!

  1. “I already have a meeting at lunch.”

  2. “I think what you’re doing is interesting, but it’s not something for us.”

  3. “You need me more than I need you.”

  4. “It’s a pleasure to speak here today.”

  5. “I can help you partner with Apple.”

  6. “I don't care about making money with my blog.”

  7. “It’s not the money.”

  8. “We don't have a position at Garage or in our portfolio, but I'll keep you in mind.”

  9. “I didn’t mean to slash/trip/board or knock you down.”

  10. “Macintosh has lots of software.”

From "The Top Ten Lies of Guy Kawasaki", you have to read the whole thing!

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Posted on June 19, 2006 and filed under Life.