Skypecasts - easy to offend?

I just discovered Skypecasts. Cool new (free!) service. I haven't tried it yet but it seems like an obvious way to continue getting the word out on BlogBridge and BlogBridge:Library.

Funny thing happened to me though. I used the Skypecast interface to schedule my very own Skypecast. I called it "BlogBridge:Library discussion", and the description was:

"For people interested in learning more about our new product, BlogBridge:Library, CEO and designer Pito Salas will host a totally informal Q&A." 

Skype refused to schedule my Skypecast, giving this error message:

"The description contains words which may be considered offensive. Please rephrase the description below."

I tuned and tuned the description and could not get it accepted. And then I removed my OWN NAME! "Pito" heh. It turns out -- and of course many have pointed this out over the years -- that pito is let's say an impolite word in certain languages.

I had to remove my own name from the description of the Skypecast. And then all was well.

What if my name was "Dick"?

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Posted on June 21, 2006 and filed under Technology.