YAGD: "yet another geek dinner" - July 19th 2006 - NEW LOCATION

We are having another super-informal-geeky-but-not-exclusively-geeks Geek Dinner, and we have a lovely new location, sponsored by our friends at Permabit (Thanks Tom and Katie!)

Who is we, again? Bela Labovitch, Adam Green and me. We've organized two of these this year, and they were lots-o-fun. People met, talked: no cures for cancer were discovered but in general people felt it was good enough to try again.

What happens at these things? Just a lot of chatter about products, technologies, politics and in general, "wats goin on" in the Boston area, Geek-wise. Oh and of course, food and drink will be provided, NO CHARGE!

Everyone is welcome, and people who came last time: invite along a friend who didn't come or didn't know about it. Really! It would be nice to have new faces.

There's no agenda. We might go around and show off folks latest creations, or not. Bring your laptop of you've got a demo you want to show, bring business cards if you have them. But this is not primarily a demo-rama, it's more of a network-o-rama.

See you there!

Here are the coordinates:

When: July 19, Wednesday, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Where: Permabit, 25 First Street, 2nd Floor. Across from the Galleria Mall.


Please confirm your attendance by clicking here!

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Posted on June 27, 2006 and filed under Life, Technology.