Yeah, we're building another product

I couldn't resist, and so who knows why, we (Aleksey and I) have built a new product in the BlogBridge family. We call it BlogBridge: Library. It's a software application that customers can run on their own servers which provides a nice, flexible, powerful library of RSS Feeds, OPML Reading Lists and Podcasts. The idea is that the customer supplies the content and gets the software from us. Kind of a private iTunes Store for Blogs, Reading Lists and Podcasts.

It's targeted at any organization who wants to create a library of blog and related information for a certain audience. We were focused on companies or other organizations building a library for their employees or users, inside their firewall. But equally valid is a library of feeds running on a public site for a certain audience.

Read  more about it here!

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Posted on June 9, 2006 and filed under BlogBridge, Technology.