Has my email somehow been hacked?

Ok, oh wise listeners out there. Here's what's happened to me twice now in the last week.

Basically I receive a large number of email bounce messages which were sent 'from' xxx@blogbridge.com, where I never heard of xxx. And there are a ton of different xxx's. When I say a large number, it's around 100 of them.  None of them actually exist.

So what are the theories?

  • someone is sending out spam using email addresses that simply textually look like accounts on blogbridge.com. Is that even possible? I can't think of any reason why one couldn't gen up fake return addresses, and when emails bounce, that's where they bounce to.

  • somehow my email (SMTP) server is hijacked or compromised? But why would the return addresses appear to be blogbridge.com?

  • somehow my server has been fooled into sending out a bunch of emails? I don't understand how.

So, what do I do? Any advice/explanations/hints would be appreciated!

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Posted on July 20, 2006 and filed under Technology.