What's up with AllofMP3.com?

I was probably the last one to hear about AllofMp3.com. It's this massive, well organized and apparently solid Mp3 download site. Music is not free, but extremely cheap. It's apparently hosted in Russia or somewhere else.

The question is of course, "is it legal" and "is it ethical"? Friends of mine who've known about it for years (claim to) never use it. I have to say it gives me pause to download the whole "Tapestry" Album (Carole King, from the Jurasic Period) for something like $1.50. Ridonculous.

There apparently have been lawsuits trying to shut down the site. Just today I there's talk about another one: "UK trade body to Sue AllofMp3.com":

"The Russian music site sells copyrighted material for as little as 3p per track and claims to pay licence fees to the Russian Multimedia and Internet Society.

However, the BPI said that the Russian body is not officially recognised and that UK copyright holders receive no fees for the tracks that are sold."

Indeed, they themselves of course say that it's perfectly legal to use their sit. Apparently this is not the first time that someone tried to shut them down.

How about this: I actually own a vinyl copy of Tapestry. So, royalties have been paid to Carole King and whoever else. Does that change your view on the legality or fairness of using this site - if all you do is get mp3 copies of  music you already have bought and paid for?

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Posted on July 5, 2006 and filed under Life.