Another fascinating post from Scott Adams

I don't know, maybe it's because he's a mini celebrity but I found the
continuing story of Scott Adam's voice problems just gripping. Check out this
from The
Dilbert Blog

"As regular readers know, about two years ago I lost my ability to
speak. The problem is called spasmodic dysphonia (SD). This update is
primarily for the benefit of the other people with SD. Many of you asked
about my experience and for any advice. The rest of you will find this
post too detailed. Feel free to skip it.


If SD is a neurological problem, it’s hard to explain why people can
recover just by talking differently. It’s also hard to understand how
bronchitis causes that neurological problem in the first place. So
while I am not qualified to judge Dr. Cooper’s theories, they do pass
the sniff test with flying colors.

[...snip]" (from: Voice


Posted on January 22, 2007 and filed under Life.