Drama in Blog Time.

A very interesting commentary on the phenomenon of blogging. Is what we
write 'of little consequence'? Does the fact that we post again the next
day say that we ourselves feel that way?

Check out this
from What Will You See Next?:

That’s 75 million people who are eager and willing to read material of
little consequence that will be replaced a day later by more material of
little consequence. The judgement “of little consequence” is actually
that of the writer rather than me or any other reader. When you
routinely replace your writing on a daily basis, consigning another post
to the black hole that is the world’s blog archive, you implicitly make
the judgement: goodbye. I have some 700 posts on this site and 690 of
them have not been viewed since soon after I wrote them.

(from: Drama
in Blog Time.

 Food for thought...

Posted on January 9, 2007 and filed under Life.