TechCrunch Boston

Two nights ago, Friday, I got to go to the TechCrunch Boston party at The Estate in Boston (which oddly enough doesn't seem to have a web site.) Those of you who know me will be 'surprised' that I had to miss the 'drinking-focused after party, held at an Irish pub, from 11:00pm on.

Lately it seems like every week there's another tech networking event in our area, which is great. This one was huge though, seemed like 500 or more people, elbow to elbow. Great fun!

Here's Don Dodge's write up on his experience at the TechCrunch Boston event. Don's a very diligent blogger as you can see from the post. Said Don:
"I talked to over 200 people at the event and saw another hundred or so with a quick wink or nod. It was a wild night. Startup entrepreneurs were everywhere. Off the top of my head I remember talking to..." (from The Next Big Thing, Don Dodge's Blog)

Now a couple of things, Don: I don't know how anyone can talk to over 200 people in one evening, especially if you aren't counting the winks and nods. And by the way, what's all this winking you're doing anyway? :)
Posted on November 18, 2007 and filed under Technology.