wis.dm now in beta - A social network of ideas

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A little while back I mentioned wis.dm, a site that I've been helping with for about the last year. Rafe Needleman refers to it as a "Social Network of Ideas"

"This is a new web 2.0 business aiming to change the perceptions of social networking - how? - by encouraging original thinking, creative collaboration and innovative self promotion." in Martin's words, who started the whole thing. 

Or, from their team blog, a more catchy bit:

"...Finally, Zarathustra joyfully mused, I am free from the dull-eyed prisons of other social networking sites. It is not the HunyBaby123 or the Raiders_Fan1986 I seek.

Companions, the
creator seeks, not corpses, not herds and believers. I seek those who write new values on new tablets, and new tags on new ideas.

Zarathustra rose from his bed and logged onto wis.dm.

The future was looking bright..."
(from wis.dm team blog)

Just the other day Rafe Needleman wrote a kind summary of what we've built:

"At the MIT Enterprise Forum event last week, I talked to the founders of Wis.dm, a new site that's a blend of social bookmarking and social networking. I'd call it a social network for ideas. I like it a lot." (from WebWare)

If this looks interesting to you, (IT SHOULD :) I will be very glad to send you an invite by return email! The sooner you join the more likely you will get your very own actual name. Sorry, wis.dm/pito is already taken :)

Posted on February 13, 2007 and filed under Life, Technology.