Is desktop search over? 20 years late!

People are really crowing about Vista's new "instant serach" and how wonderful it is and better than the old Windows XP Search functionality. Yeah I can't disagree, but it's amazing how it's 20 years on before that glaring-glaring-glaring hole in Windows was fixed. (And sure, Mac OS X has had Spotlight for a while now, but I am not in love with it. I have only a decent amount of disk space and a fast processor and a lot of memory, and I can't say it's fast. In fact when I want to search for an email I always go into my browser and use Google Mail's search feature...Anyway... Check out this post from Geeking with Greg:

"In his remarkably detailed review of Windows Vista, Paul Thurrott wrote:
One of the most impressive features in Windows Vista ... is instant search.

Anyone who's struggled with the lousy search functionality in Windows XP or previous Windows versions will be happy to hear that the Vista version is fantastic, delivering near-instantaneous search results while providing the types of advanced features that power users will simply drool over."

(from: Is desktop search over?)

Posted on February 17, 2007 and filed under Technology.