I was away when Boston and Fox both embarassed themselves

Check out this
from Bostonist:

Attorney General Martha Coakley announced today that the
Boston area cut a deal with Turner Broadcasting and Interference, Inc.
the brains behind the marketing campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Colon Movie Film for Theatres
that made life in Boston a little
nutty last week.

Boston will receive $2 million dollars for its trouble. In return,
Turner Broadcasting and Interference won't face charges. Here's the
basic breakdown - $1 million goes to reimbursing state and local law
enforcement for their troubles. Another $1 million will go to
"goodwill" funds.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of which agency gets what from the
attorney general's press release:
State Police - $691,126
Office of Transportation /Mass. Highway Dept. - $45,466
Massport - $8,380
City of Boston - $484,590
City of
Somerville - $69,113
City of Cambridge - $24,794
US Coast Guard
- $46,136

Of special note: The MBTA will get $132,772 in additional restitution
and $315,198 in "homeland security and community initiative funds."
This is your chance for more green, MBTA. Use it wisely.

The budget for
the movie
is listed on the Internet Movie Database as $750,000.
Even if settlement is a drop in the bucket for Turner Broadcasting,
that's still a hefty marketing campaign budget.

The settlement also came surprisingly fast, which suggests that all
parties involved wanted to move on. Boston is embarrassed and Turner
is embarrassed. Neither group wants the words "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"
and "terror attack" tied together in the press anymore.

The only unresolved issue involves the fates of Sean Stevens and Peter
Berdvosky. Bostonist says Coakley should let 'em off the hook. She
probably doesn't want those two hanging around the courthouse, anyway.

Image of Mooninite in action from The
Trades, which debates the Mooninite fallout

(from: Where
the Mooninite Money Is Going


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