[GEEKY] Firefox angst

On Mac, I've been using only FireFox for a while now. But lately I've seen some things that have made me nervous. More than once I've seen FireFox peg the CPU for no apparent reason. Recently I had bad experiences with the latest latest release of the del.icio.us add-in. So I decided to scan for the other browsers out there to see if I was missing out. I installed Camino, Safari and OmniWeb and tried to use each one for real work.

Well they are pretty and may be fast, I don't know, but, guess what, I am back with FireFox. Three reasons stopped me dead in the water before I got hooked on any of the alternatives:
  1. The really handy Performancing blogging add-in seems to only be available with FireFox
  2. None of the others have the very nice incremental search (type ctrl-F) that FireFox has
  3. And in the end, I really didn't see any fundamental differences or advantages over FireFox.
So I am back.

Dear readers: have you seen FireFox pegging the CPU from time to time? Any fixes or explanations?
Posted on March 11, 2007 and filed under Technology.