Dave DeWalt leaves EMC

I guess that many of you who read this blog are eRoom, Documentum and EMC alums so you'd be interested in reading what John Newton, co-founder of Documentum has to say about the departure of Dave DeWalt from EMC:
"[snip...] Being a co-founder of Documentum prior to starting Alfresco, it is only natural that people are asking me what I think of Dave DeWalt’s departure from EMC to become CEO at Security Software firm McAfee [snip...]" from Content Log.
As a humerous aside, I've heard from more than one person that this silly blog of mine is blocked inside of EMC! Can you believe it? The lunkheads in IT have classified it as porn. Maybe it was because of this post that I aptly titled "balls"? It just shows that whatever you write on the internet will follow you around for life :) Oh, it's the #1 Google hit if you search for "Balls Pito Salas"
Posted on March 9, 2007 and filed under Life, Technology.