Steve Balmer read my blog (in my dream)

I've been setting up a new Windows Vista notebook over the last few days for use by a non technical user. What a basket case. What a disaster. And I am referring to Vista not the user :)

I've been mentally working on a blog post titled either "Has Microsoft Lost its mojo" or "Has Microsoft Jumped the shark"?

I have encountered multiple absolutely shockingly and incomprehensibly bad usability issues. I am making a mental list as I go along. Joel on Software found one and wrote about it extensively: read about the design of the "Start menu" and what it takes to shut down a Vista computer. But just to give you a taste, all the documentation calls that thing the "Start" menu, except the word "Start" doesn't appear anywhere on or near the menu.

But as I say, that's all material for another post.

Last night I had a dream that I worked at Microsoft and Steve Balmer singled me out in a company meeting, came up to me (with a printout :) pointing to the page saying, and "THIS is from YOUR blog...". I think I might have gotten fired in the dream...
Posted on April 19, 2007 and filed under Technology.