Shamless self-promotion: Improv and moi mentioned in PC Magazine

PC Magazine's newest issue has a retrospective of their past 25 years and Lotus Improv gets mentioned for one of the big deals of 1993. And yes, you can see a bad picture of yours truly back in those days.
"Innovators: Pito Salas

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Ever use the Pivottable widgets built into Microsoft Excel? If you're the sort who's serious about data crunching, you know what a godsend these tools can beβ€”and they're nothing compared to Lotus Improv, the well-ahead-of-its-time spreadsheet app dreamed up by Pito Salas." (from 25 Years of PC Magazine)
Yeah its a few years ago... but still, pretty cool!
Posted on May 21, 2007 and filed under Life, Technology.