[STERN INSIDE BASEBALL] Wild day on Howard Stern show

Hey Stern fans, can you believe what kind of a day it was today? What a soap opera, but riveting.

I heard it in bits and pieces as I was driving between meetings today, and I was waiting either for Artie to quit or for Howard to fire him.

And then I read now on the Stern web site that indeed Artie says he is leaving the show in January.
"Artie would end up leaving the show...Artie agreed with him. When
Howard asked if that was true, Artie said yes, he planned to leave in
January. He went on to explain that he had gone to the doctor recently
and decided he was burnt out based on what the doctor told him so he
was going to take at least a 6month break from everything starting in
As I say, a soap opera for sure, but riveting.
Posted on May 24, 2007 and filed under Life.