I have many friends

A funny article in the New York Times the other day:
"[...snap] I HAVE reached a curious point in life. Although I feel like the same precocious know-it-all cynic I always was, I suddenly am surrounded by younger precocious know-it-all cynics whose main purpose appears to be to remind me that I’ve lost my edge.[snap...]" from 'omg my mom joined facebook'
I too joined Facebook about a year ago, for 'research purposes'. My experience was similar:
"[snap...] After I got my Profile page, the first thing I did was to search for other members — my daughter and her friends — to ask them to be my friends.
Shockingly, quite a few of them — the friends, not the daughter — accepted my invitation and gave me access to their Profiles, including their interests, hobbies, school affiliations and in some cases, physical whereabouts. [snap...]" (from 'omg my mom joined facebook')
I too have many friends on Facebook. I haven't friended my son though...


Posted on June 10, 2007 and filed under Life.