Curaçao's Historic Synagogue

Recently I visited Curaçao to participate in the celebration of the 275th anniversary of the building of the Snoa. This is from an article written by Sam D. Gruber (who I met there)
"As evening fell in Willemstad in Curacao on April 16, scores of well-dressed people headed to the narrow Hanchi di Snoa, and into the courtyard of the Snoa — Curacao’s venerable synagogue built in 1732, home to Congregation Mikvé Israel-Emanuel, the oldest surviving synagogue in the Americas, and one where no Sabbath or major holiday has gone uncelebrated in 275 years."

Read the whole article 'A Birthday Celebration for Curaçao's historic synagogue.
Posted on June 4, 2007 and filed under Life.