Label printer very handy around the office

A few years ago I got the idea to get myself a label printer for around the office. Turns out that it's been really really handy.

Almost all the labels that I've printed have been for the myriad of cables, chargers and other doo-dads that one accumulates in this business. Labels like: "Sprint Sanyo Phone", "Garmin GPS data cable", and "iPod Firewire" become incredibly useful when you are trying to figure out what goes with what.

More mainstream uses are for labeling files in my filing system (such as it is), my wiring closet (such as it is), and various expensive electronica (like my laptop.)

Suffice it to say that these things are great. The one I have been using is the Casio Ez-Label Printer KL-100. (I got it at Staples, but it seems to no longer be available.)

I was asked to take a look at one of the label makers from, in particular the Brother PT-80.

The unit comes in one of those "open only" clear plastic sealed containers which can never be resealed again and on which there is always a danger of cutting your fingers. What caught my eye was the big bold "Easy to Use" on the package.

My experience is that these things are jam packed with features you don't need (really all you need is a keyboard, a way to cut the label, a way to refill it when the label runs out, and maybe a shift key. Everything else is gravy.) It turns out that the PT-80 is not especially easier to use. But it's still pretty nice.

One nice thing right off the bat is that this Brother uses 4 triple-A batteries instead of 6 double-A's which my other one requires. Other than that the device is quite similar to my Casio. The Brother's keyboard is a little clearer with the shift keys a bit easier to find.

In the end, I would recommend either unit, and I would check the comparable prices for the unit as well as the media.

Bottom line though, every office and home should have one of these label printers. They are great!

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Posted on July 2, 2007 and filed under Life, Technology.