Join the club: I saw, I touched, an iPhone

I am not going to write yet another long review or commentary. But I can't resist a few crass words:

  • It's real and it works. They had 4 of them in stock at my neighborhood ATT/Cingular shop. It is indeed gorgeous. Sleek, star-trekky. It does everything you see in the ads (and I am sure, much much more.)

  • I don't want one ('yet' - never say never). It's a little to precious for my taste. Kind of reminds me of how I feel about $3,000 Bang & Olufson stereo gear. Beautiful for a museum but not for me.

Ok, but was it easy to use? Given that they've kind of invented a new paradigm for interacting with a computer, it's darn impressive. All that functionality, yet no menus.

I have to say though that the on-screen (glass) keyboard was not magic for me. I had to do plenty of retyping. Ok so the magic that I was made to expect from the previews didn't happen.

But we forget what we have come to put up with when doing text entry on a little cell phone. This is at least as good, probably a lot better.

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Posted on July 8, 2007 and filed under Life, Technology.