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"Vitamins can help with the aging process as well as preventing premature aging. For more information on vitamins , you may want to visit Vitamins Explained. Vitamins A, E, C, and the B complex vitamins How To Approach Anti-Aging Treatments.

BlogBridge release 5.10 now with more vitamins (Pito’s Blog): Over on BlogBridge we just announced that release 5.10 just came out, you should try BlogBridge out! In the post there is also a review and explanation of the difference between our bi-weekly development releases and our full-fledged stable releases which come out every 6 or so months...[snip...]"

(from: Vitamins)

This is from one of my many SmartFeeds caught this in its net.... This purports to be a blog about vitamins, but obviously it's robot generated and it deemed to pick up my lame joke about BlogBridge, now with more vitamins...
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