Stuff from Dan Perjovsch I like this snippet of the art work from a new exhibit at the Moma of the art of Dan Perjovsch. Ah, but is it art? Who knows.

From The Museum of Modern Art's web site: "[...]For his first solo museum exhibition in the United States, the artist will draw witty and incisive political images, in response to current events[...]"

How does this relate to Paul Graham's recent bit about Stuff, and entitled "Stuff" where he says: "[...]And yet when I got back I didn't discard so much as a box of it. Throw away a perfectly good rotary telephone? I might need that one day.[...]"

Not me. I love throwing out stuff. In fact I have a policy (that I sometimes follow) that I should give away, sell or discard one item of stuff before bringing in a new item of stuff into my life.
Posted on August 3, 2007 and filed under Life.