[GEEKY] Gshell, the web's own command line

You remember back in the stone ages we all interacted with computers by typing [tag]command lines[/tag] at a prompt. Then in the bronze age, the [tag]GUI[/tag] was invented and we used mice, menus and windows? (Oh some of us still preserve the old traditions of course using the ancient language of the unix-people?)

Today the Google Search box is becoming the new command line. There's almost no end to the non-search things you can type into google to get answers.

I just discovered this one:
"65 degrees f"

Gets you a conversion of 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 18.3 degrees Celcius.

Others that I already knew about:
5 * 12 => 60
AA 123 => Flight information for American Airlines flight 123
define abacus => dictionary definition of the word abacus
AAPL => stock price and chart for Apple

It goes on and on.

Google is the command line shell for the web. [tag]Gshell[/tag].
Posted on September 13, 2007 and filed under Technology.