Great coverage of Enterprise 2.0

In the Portals and KM blog, a pair of great articles about "Enterprise 2.0". Bill Ives has been following and covering Enterprise 2.0, which I've seen defined as "the Application of Web 2.0 technologies to workers using network software within an organization or business."

Check out these two articles each of which are quite useful surveys of what's going on in the space:

  1. Enterprise 2.0 Success Stories, The Best from 2007: "People are often looking for examples of Enterprise 2.0 successes. I am seeing a growing number of examples and wanted to collect them in one post. This is an update from September to complete the best for 2007. Here they are in a somewhat random order and I will add to this list as I encounter more."

  2. Enterprise 2.0 Tools: Update on Descriptions and Reviews from 2007: "In the last few months I have been talking with a number of tools that can support Enterprise 2.0. I posted on each, either here or at the FastForward blog, often in both spots. Some are currently more web focused but could be adapted to the enterprise. Here is an updated listing on them with links to the relevant blog post."

Posted on January 23, 2008 and filed under Life, Technology.