Bill Clinton: First Lad or ...

People wring their hands about the possibility of having Bill Clinton back in the white house as the first ever First Spouse, working mano-a-mano with Hillary. I like Bill Clinton a lot - I did when he was president and I still do. Yet I can understand the misgivings.

In today's New York times:
"Which raises an important matter. Do we really want a plural presidency?

This is not a new question. It was intensely debated in the convention that formulated our Constitution. The Virginia Plan for the new document submitted by Edmund Randolph and the New Jersey Plan submitted by William Paterson left open the number of officers to hold the executive power." (from "Two Presidents are worse than one")

But the section about Dick Cheney brought an even crazier scenario to mind.

What if Hillary is elected and picks Bill as ................ VICE PRESIDENT?
Posted on January 26, 2008 and filed under Politics.