Invest in Innovation

Jim Manzi (of Lotus fame) has an interesting article in "The Nation" about our need, as a nation, to invest just a little bit more in innovation:

"But with only a little bit of extra funding, foresight and determination, it may be possible to kick-start an innovation revival. Especially at the federal level, we see an opportunity for a modest investment to create a whole new generation of idea-growing, job-creating technology hubs all across the country--perhaps even an "automotive Silicon Valley" in otherwise moribund Detroit." (from Invest in Innovation)

A good article, with several memorable phrases, starting with "automotive Silicon Valley" ('...In such a hub, just as in Boston and Austin, a virtuous cycle of innovation and product development might be generated.'). Also "hegemon tax" ('...the 50 to 60 percent share of R&D the US spends on warfare innovations...')

Good article, worth reading.

Posted on November 11, 2008 and filed under Life, Technology.