From Demo 2008: Silobreaker - A unique new research tool

Joining the ranks of the growing number of news aggregation and research sites is Silobreaker, which I first met at Demo 2008.  Two things catch my interest with Silobreaker - try it by clicking here for a search on the topic 'Google'

  • The result displayed for a search is mult-dimensional or multi-media or whatever you want to call it. In addition to the usual top stories about Google (for example) you find the top Videos about Google, a histogram showing article volume about Google over the last week, a concept network around Google. a map showing where in the world people are writing about Google. And more. Check it out yourself to see what I mean.

  • Silobreaker has made an effort to understand the semantics of the search, so if you type in the beginning of a search word, say "Boston" it displays a list of companies, places, people and keyphrases that start with Boston, and lets you disambiguate. That means to me that they are keeping track of the meaning of what you are searching for, which bodes well.

Anyway, play with it. It's cool.

Posted on February 29, 2008 and filed under Life.