Great magazine articles

I was going to wait until I had read each of these great articles that all won the "Sidney Awards" but this post was getting stale. And then part two of the Sidney awards article came out, and I still hadn't published this. So, enough already.

If you appreciate really excellent non fiction writing, you owe it to yourself to read some of these. All the ones I've read so far, about topics I didn't know I would find interesting, have been excellent.

New Yorker Magazine: There and back again.

New York Magazine: Gawker

Weekly Standard: Roger Stone, Political Animal

Portfolio Magazine: Michael Lewis on the evolution of an investor

Commentary Magazine: Crime, Drugs and Welfare, and other good news

Vanity Fair: A death in the family

Claremont Institute: Review of 'God is not great'

The New Republic: About the Israel Lobby so-called
New York Review of Book: On Immigration
Edge: Moral Psychology and the misunderstanding of religion

Chronicle Review: Shumpeter

City Journa: The abduction of opera
Posted on February 5, 2008 and filed under Life.