30% to Apple for folks selling iPhone apps??

Check out this post from Planet RubyOnRails:
I doubt few of my readers have missed that Apple just released the iPhone SDK. How many read through the fine print? Bottom line is: If you want to sell apps for the iPhone you gotta give Apple 30%. Thirty percent!? Why?! Apple is making ridiculous money off selling the iPhone. The more apps the iPhone gets, the [...]

(from: tirsen: Apple doesn’t get it)

Update from Pito : Seems like I jumped the gun a little. Such are the risks of blogging I guess. If you look at the comment thread to the post I referenced I would have to say that Apple's position is fairly reasonable. 30% for hosting apps, credit card processing, and most importantly promotion of my app to gazillions of iPhone owners. The only remaining beef if any is that (according to the thread) there is no other way to get a 3d party app onto the iPhone - you have to do it through Apple.
Posted on March 11, 2008 and filed under Technology.