25 George W. Bush Facts

List of Lists is an entertaining blog. He doesn't post that often but when he does it's usually interesting. Check out this post from A List of Lists:
"[....]in keeping with A List of Lists factual theme I’ll try to shy away from United States government and The Bush Administration, and instead focus on George W Bush himself and so here are 25 facts about George W. Bush.[...snip]

[...snip] Fact #16. In the days immediately following the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Bush denied having received warnings about the possibility of floodwaters breaching the levees protecting New Orleans. However, the presidential videoconference briefing of August 28 shows Max Mayfield warning the president that overflowing the levees was “obviously a very, very grave concern.”

(from: 25 George W. Bush Facts)
Posted on March 15, 2008 and filed under Life, Politics.