More about Leopard, Apple's answer to Vista

For you slow pokes who have not yet upgraded to Leopard, my continuing experience might be of interest (then again it may not.) If you are a real slow poke you may not know that Leopard is Apple's new generation operating system for the Mac line. My reference above to Vista is mostly tongue-in-cheek. Here's what my log book says so far:

  • Tried to upgrade my old iBook G4. The DVD spent a long time making reading noises but nothing seemed to happen. Waited about 4 hours. Then gave up. Couldn't get the DVD out - the iBook continued to book back to the DVD. Called Apple. Got a barely trained tech on the phone that really annoyed me. Finally figured it out myself.

  • Leopard doesn't like getting installed on a 4 year old iBook with 256M of memory. Duh. Why didn't it just say so?

  • Next upgraded my 2 year old Mac G5 tower. Went, soup to nuts, with no hiccups at all. Wonderful.

Next post: What's different that matters in Leopard, at least to me.
Posted on March 30, 2008 and filed under Technology.