Do I need yet another site doing life streaming?

First it was Facebook, then (I think) it was Plaxo, then LinkedIn, and now MyBlogLog is offering me a way to publicize all the fascinating stuff I do on other sites. I dunno, there must be 100 other ones that do it too.Check out this post from ReadWriteWeb:
"The smartly reorganized profiles let you look at an individual's opt-in exposed activity on sites like,, YouTube and LinkedIn or click over to a view of all their friends' recent activities as well. From your profile page it's easy to see what your own friends in this distributed social network for blog readers are doing on other social networks. It's a very different experience and a lot like other players in the increasingly popular lifestreaming market."

(from: Lifestreaming Comes to Yahoo! with MyBlogLog Overhaul)
Posted on March 5, 2008 and filed under Life.