SNL Season best in years - but why does Christopher Walken not rehearse?

Saturday Night Live is having the best season in years. Consistently much funnier than last year or the year before. Last night, Christopher Walken again was extremely funny: the writing was funny and his delivery was funnier.

But. It is extremely distracting that Mr. Walken doesn't even try to pretend to appear to be addressing his counterpart in the skit. He so obviously is reading cue cards that no matter how hard I tried to suspend disbelief, all I could notice was how he was looking in the wrong direction.I wonder how that happens. Did he not rehearse? Is it, for some wacky reason, on purpose? Can he just not remember his lines?

It all doesn't add up, because the way he delivers his lines is right on the money: funny, quirky -- perfect.

For example, check out this post Saturday Night Live: Christopher Walken/Panic! At the Disco - VIDEOS from TV Squad:
"[snip...] Seriously, think about it. His delivery is jaunty and weird, and when he's not awkwardly staring into the middle distance, he's just glaring directly at the cue cards. All these elements combined should throw him in the realm of the crappiest hosts.[...snip] 
Posted on April 9, 2008 and filed under Life.